1. Cancellation of order:

      You can cancel your order within 48 hours of placing the order. The payment done, if any, will be returned to the specified account
      within 7 days after   confirmation of cancellation.

      You may mail us on contact@plantshoppee.com or call us on (+91)9552952259. Please mention your name, order number which    
      you wish to cancel.

2. Return & Replacement:

      Plant Shoppee may consider the return & replacement of its products only on following grounds:

      a.  A completely different product is supplied than what is ordered.

      b. The product supplied is in damaged state & it is agreed by the vendor who is supplying the product.

      In this case, you are requested to contact us within 24 hours on either of the following:

      Mobile: (+91)9552952259
      Email: contct@plantshoppee.com

      Please mention your name, order number and specify your problem.

      In case of proper & valid reasons, we may consider the replacement of the product depending on its availability. You will be charged for
      the delivery of new product & return of the old product. While returning, the product must be in its original packing & with its invoice.

      Please note that the return & replacement is only valid for the orders above Rs. 500.